About Us

Philosophy of NPERC-J

The purpose of NPERC-J is to create opportunities for open innovation research for new green electronics development through collaboration with academia and industry members.

Members collaborate to decide research themes and targets through research surveys and road-mapping activities.

R&D results made by collaboration in a network of academia members are openly transferred to industry members.

Basic working expenditures including research activities are a membership fee and a research contribution fund.

Survey research done over the long term and big research projects will be proposed as one voice as a result of this academia and industry member collaboration


Fig. 2 Concrete activities of the consortium of industry and academia members aimed for open innovation


Name NPERC-J (New-generation Power Electronics and System Research Consortium Japan)
Address Nihonbashi NY Building 5F, Kobuna-cho 11-13, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-002 Japan
Founded September 2014
President Hiromichi Ohashi
Board Members

Yukihiko Sato (Chiba University)
Naruhisa Miura (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)
Toshiro Hiramoto (The University of Tokyo)
Kenji Yamada (Yaskawa Electric Corporation)

Auditor Yoshiaki Fukumitsu (TDK Corporation)
Industry members 8 companies
Academia members 37 (17 universities)