Vision of NPERC-J

  • The NPERC-J started on December 22, 2014 with the following vision. In the society of tomorrow, electricity will be the major final energy, and thus, ubiquitous use of electronics and ICTs(*) will become increasingly important to create a low carbon society.
  • Our main purpose is to realize a 3E society (Energy saving, Environment preservation, and Economy development) through open innovation in new green electronic fields through research consortium activities.
  • Our main interest is non-and pre-competitive research areas, such as reliability science, integrated design methodologies, the negawatt cost reduction of PE systems, energy internet systems, and so on.

*: Information and Communication Technologies

R&D Fields

  • Energy Internet
    In addition to the effective use of electrical energy, we aim to construct next-generation power network systems with a focus on technologies such as those for large scale introduction of renewable energy and for unused energy.
  • Ultimate Power Converter
    We aim to realize power converters both ultimate in efficiency and volume to clarify the design limits of semiconductors and of passive devices, components of power converter circuits.
  • Future Power Devices and Materials
    We aim for the development of next-generation materials and devices, which includes not only performance indicators but also economic indicators such as watt unit prices and peripheral technologies such as packaging technologies, for next-generation power devices and semiconductor materials.
  • Reliability Science
    Targeting high precision, high density next-generation power electronic circuits, we aim for the standardization of measurement technology, analysis technology, and technology for evaluating reliability and sharing among members.